Distributed Mind

June 04, 2004

Advice to Democratic Party

by ben

My advice to the Democratic party: Become the unquestionably dominant party in the United States by changing your stance on abortion. Almost half of your voters are opposed to abortion in some capacity, and hard telling how many more votes you lose to Republicans over the abortion issue. Just take a poll to see how many people voted for Bush in the last election exclusivley on the abortion issue. Bet it would have been more than the number of votes Gore lost by. Not to mention it is more consistent with protecting the rights of everyone (and yes, I understand it is complex to balance the rights of mothers and children, but that is still no excuse for what amounts to infanticide far as I can tell). Get with the program, and do everyone a favor. (The last straw for this one was reading the article on religion and voting patterns in, yes, I know, USA Today.)

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