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The Rights of 400 Pound Second Graders

Alright, excuse me as I play a crank economist for a moment (and please correct me if I am wrong): Does the United States have the same rights as other states? Whether we do in a technical sense, I would suggest that given our situation we must be careful in asserting that "right." The United States accounts for roughly one quarter of the cumulative gross domestic product of all nations. In school yard terms, in a class of 20 second graders, based on the average weights of seven year olds, that would be like one of the children weighing over 400 pounds! Should that child be allowed to hit back if one of the merely average 87 pound children hit them? Perhaps, but what of the consequences? Similarly, the United States is capable of of acting with disproportionate force in any area affected by our economic capacity.

posted at 01:46:09 on 10/10/05 by ben - Category: Politics


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