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Still Talking About Darfur, Still Not Doing Much

How long has the situation in Darfur been going on? I'd lost track, and had to go check: two and a half years. Of course, I don't remember it as often as I should, though I haven't entirely forgotten. The most recent reminder was Gary Farber wrote a post about it yesterday, rounding up some recent stories about it. Farber points out that as far as sending any forces to the area, basically nothing is going on. I understand the US not sending anyone (though our leadership seems interested in backing NATO forces if they were to be sent), but where is everyone else? So far, only the African Union has shown up, with the help of outside money and transportation, but everyone seems to think that that is not an adequate force.

I just want it clear that I think that supporting this kind of use of armed forces is not the same as supporting wars in general. This wouldn't be war - or shouldn't be, anyway. Having said that, whoever ends up in charge of such a force definitely needs to be careful that it doesn't end up as a war after all.

posted at 11:30:13 on 02/21/06 by ben - Category: Politics


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