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Speaking of Proverbs 29

Proverbs 29:7: "The righteous person cares for the legal rights of the poor; the wicked does not understand such knowledge" (NET, copyright 1996-2006 Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C).

I know that my biases influence me to interpret that certain ways. I also know pulling random verses out of Proverbs is dangerous (not that you have to worry about context as much there, but some proverbs might be misunderstood all the same, it seems). But I can't think this one is not clear.

Let me explain how I interpret this in a political context. It appears, to me, that our laws are structured for the most part around the rights of the rich (whether individuals or corporations). This is almost undisputed. We don't want to take their money, or cost them too much money from lawsuits, or prevent them charging whatever price they want on products, however essential. Meanwhile, some persons are not paid enough to live on (even in the United States), are charged more than they could ever afford for critical products that could be sold for a lower margin, are required to work under terrible conditions, or are treated as dispensable temporary labor (without being told this). This is part of the reason I am, in my words, "anti-corporate" - which I don't take to mean corporations are automatically evil, but that I think that many of the mega-corporations in this nation (though, technically, many of them are not in this nation, but rather international) should be kept on a shorter leash. Should we be more concerned about the rights of those who have no recourse because of their economic situation or the rights of some entity with, quite literally, no soul? Obviously, large multi-national corporations provide many useful services, but I don't think we should therefore let them do whatever they feel like.

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