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A Different Perspective on Scripture

The Better Bibles Blog points to a new series by David Plotz, deputy editor of Slate, who is reading through the Bible for the first time and recording his impressions. As he explains in his introduction, he is not entirely ignorant of the Bible, being Jewish and having attended a Christian school with Bible classes, but he hasn't ever actually read the whole thing. However, a recent reading of the bizarre story of Dinah prompted him to examine the whole thing. A lot of his impressions so far are the kind of things you may have heard before from people who are not especially familiar with the Bible, but what's different here is he's doing the whole thing from the beginning. It's a good opportunity to see how truly bizarre the Bible we often take for granted can appear to someone not as familiar with it, even someone who comes out of a religious tradition that embraces it.

posted at 22:12:30 on 05/28/06 by ben - Category: Religion


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