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On his link blog Jesus Politics, Carlos Stouffer recently posted two interesting links. The first was to a very interesting article ("How Biblical is the Christian Right?") by one Margaret M. Mitchell, a professor at the University of Chicago. The article is not exactly an in-depth analysis of the hermeneutic of right-leaning religious groups (her main source is web sites of such organizations, after all) but it has some interesting things to say nonetheless. For the most part I think her article is dead on.

The second link led me to a post by Al Mohler explaining his own conversion on the issue of women's ordination. I think it sheds some light on why this is such a big issue for Mohler. (Of course, that won't stop me from vocally disagreeing with some of the dubious things he has said on this issue.)

(I am going to come back to Christian publishing, incidentally. But I accidentally lost the larger part of a post on the topic, so you'll have to wait longer...)

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