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I have been ranting, as many of you will know all to well, about the need for alternatives to the current two party hegemony. Frankly, whether that means the introduction of other parties or a mass rise in independent candidates, I really don't care. What I want are options that will represent my values and be more interested in the issues than party politics. As yet another election has passed, with many voters complaining about their lack of options, and as we again have (a very short) two years until the next election, it seems a great time to think about making such alternatives available to voters - us - in the next and future elections.

Now, I wanted to write a series of posts about the issues (and the perspectives on those issues that would be most helpful) that I think matter. In fact I probably still will. But I also know that (1) that's a lot of work, more than I can probably take on myself and still do well, at least in the near future, and (2) it doesn't get anyone else involved. So... here's the plan: Write a post about an issue that you think you aren't being represented on well right now and suggest a third way (or fourth or whatever) of approaching it and then either post the link in a comment here or send me a link and I'll post it here. And, of course, write about as many issues as you want.

Now, I know that we probably won't all agree exactly on everything, but we'll all probably agree with each other more than we do with the current Republican or Democratic parties, and certainly discussing the issues can't hurt, as long as we're all civil about it.

So let's get started!

(And hopefully this doesn't become yet another reader-interaction post where no one comments...)

posted at 00:13:58 on 11/09/06 by ben - Category: Politics


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