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Christian Hypocrisy in the Second Century

Much could be said about hypocrisy in the church. Much has has been said about the subject, now and every time before right back to Peter, Paul, and James. Here's a decent quote from circa A.D. 150 from II Clement (which is totally misnamed since it's not believed to be, and doesn't claim to be, by Clement):

For the Gentiles, when they hear from our mouth the oracles of God, marvel at them as beautiful and great; afterwards, when they have learned that our works are not worthy of the words we speak, they then turn themselves to blasphemy, saying that it is some fable and delusion. For when they hear from us that God saith, “There is no thank unto you, if ye love them that love you; but there is thank unto you, if ye love your enemies and them that hate you;” when they hear these things, they marvel at the excellency of the goodness; but when they see that we not only do not love them that hate us, but not even them that love us, they laugh us to scorn, and the Name is blasphemed.

(That's from an aging translation by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson (thanks to Wikisource).)

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