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Controlling the Means of (Content) Production

This is an idea that I've talked about for a while, but I wanted to get something down on virtual paper as I've been thinking about it lately. We have discussed this before, I think, but these are some of my current thoughts.

Basically, I refuse to accept the categorization of media producers and consumers. I believe that we all, according to our abilities, should be content producers, and that we must refuse to live as mere consumers of what the Southern California and New York City producers think we should like. [Which I think makes me a content/intellectual property socialist.] This is part of why I dislike mindless movies - but for the millions of dollars they have available for production and promotion, I believe I or other people I know could produce movies of comparable interest, if not quality. Except that I want to emphasize that I don't believe that millions of dollars are necessary; I believe movies (or whatever) of quality can be produced for much less. The same is even more true of music and literature.

What is necessary to achieve this? Well, that's maybe not a trivial question to answer. Some elements that I believe will ply a part are the following though:

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